USATF Foundation Announces Stephen A. Schwarzman Grant Recipients

USATF Foundation Announces Stephen A. Schwarzman Grant Recipients

NEW YORK CITY – After a weekend of record-breaking times and world-class performances at the 2023 USATF Outdoor Championships in Eugene, Oregon, the USATF Foundation is proud to reveal its 2023 class of Stephen A. Schwarzman grantees. The Stephen A. Schwarzman Grant represents the highest honor of support offered by the Foundation, providing an unparalleled level of assistance to Team USA as they head to the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

In this class, 65 track & field athletes will receive $30,000 Stephen A. Schwarzman Grants, with an additional 35 athletes receiving $20,000 Stephen A. Schwarzman grants. In total, these 100 exceptional individuals will receive $2.65 million in support.  The funding will be used to cover expenses such as equipment, coaching, travel, medical costs, recovery tools and services and other vital needs of these professional athletes.

“It is an honor to support these athletes as they prepare to compete on the world stage. Their determination, grit and talent inspires me and so many across the country,” said Stephen A. Schwarzman.

Mr. Schwarzman, who is the USATF Foundation’s largest donor, has provided grant funding to allow for 555 grant awards over the past decade.  In support of the USATF Foundation’s commitment to provide dedicated support to emerging elite athletes, 11 of the Stephen A. Schwarzman awards are exclusively reserved for athletes who have recently graduated from college or transitioned into the professional circuit. This unique financial assistance aims to aid these athletes during their crucial transition phase and equip them with the necessary resources to focus on their athletic careers.

“Being able to receive and accept this grant is so amazing. I feel so honored to be a part of something like this. Thank you Mr. Schwarzman and the team at USATF Foundation for this generosity and helping to support a smooth transition from collegiate sports to professional track & field. Being a student athlete can be extremely hard for many different reasons, so having opportunities like this is phenomenal and will do so much for me and future student-athletes!” exclaimed USATF Foundation Grantee Britton Wilson.

All USATF Foundation grants are selected from a pool of qualified applicants.  Elite athletes are required to apply each year and are encouraged to complete the process in May or June.  The Stephen A. Schwarzman Grants are decided upon by the USATF Foundation Elite Grant Committee and criteria is based primarily on athlete’s potential to medal at the next Olympic Games or World Championships.  Consideration is also given to monetary need.

The following 65 athletes will receive Stephen A. Schwarzman Grant awards in the amount of $30,000 each:

Abdihamid Nur – 5k

Adelaide Aquilla – Shot Put

Alicia Monson – 5k/10k

Anna Hall – Heptathlon

Brittany Brown – 100m

Britton Wilson – 400m

Brooke Andersen – Hammer Throw

Bryce Deadmon – 400m

Bryce Hoppel – 800m

C.J. Allen – 400m Hurdles

Chase Ealey – Shot Put

Chris Nilsen – Pole Vault

Cordell Tinch – 110mH

Courtney Lindsey – 200m

Cravont Charleston – 100m

Curtis Thompson – Javelin Throw

Dalilah Muhammad – 400m Hurdles

Daniel Haugh – Hammer Throw

Daniel Roberts – 110m Hurdles

DeAnna Price – Hammer Throw

Donald Scott – Triple Jump

Elise Cranny – 5k/10k

Emma Coburn – Steeplechase

Freddie Crittenden – 110m Hurdles

Gabby Thomas – 200m

Grant Holloway – 110m Hurdles

Harrison Williams – Decathlon

Janee’ Kassanavoid – Hammer Throw

Jasmine Moore – Long Jump / Triple Jump

Joe Klecker – 10k

Joe Kovacs – Shot Put

Josh Awotunde – Shot Put

JuVaughn Harrison – High Jump

Katie Moon – Pole Vault

Kayla White – 200m

Keni Harrison – 100m Hurdles

Kenny Bednarek – 200m

Keturah Orji – Triple Jump

Krissy Gear – Steeplechase

Kyle Garland – Decathlon

Lagi Tausaga-Collins – Discus Throw

Maggie Ewen – Shot Put

Marquis Dendy – Long Jump

Masai Russell – 100m Hurdles

Nia Akins – 800m

Nia Ali – 100m Hurdles

Nikki Hiltz – 1500m

Payton Otterdahl – Shot Put

Quanesha Burks – Long Jump

Quincy Hall – 400m

Rudy Winkler – Hammer Throw

Ryan Crouser – Shot Put

Sam Mattis – Discus Throw

Sandi Morris – Pole Vault

Sha’Carri Richardson – 100m / 200m

Shamier Little – 400m Hurdles

Taliyah Brooks – Heptathlon

Tori Franklin – Triple Jump

Trevor Bassitt – 400m Hurdles

Turner Washington – Discus Throw

Valarie Allman – Discus Throw

Vernon Norwood – 400m

Woody Kincaid – 10k

Yared Nuguse – 1500m

Zach Ziemek – Decathlon

The following 35 athletes will receive Stephen A. Schwarzman Grant awards in the amount of $20,000 each:

Abby Steiner – 200m

Alaysha Johnson – 100m Hurdles

Anna Cockrell – 400m Hurdles

Benard Keter – Steeplechase

Bridget Williams – Pole Vault

Clayton Murphy – 800m

Cooper Teare – 1500 / 5k

Cory McGee – 1500m

Courtney Wayment – Steeplechase

Grant Fisher – 5k/10k

Isaac Updike – Steeplechase

Isaiah Harris – 800m

Jarrion Lawson – Long Jump

Jillian Shippee – Hammer Throw

K.C. Lightfoot – Pole Vault

Karissa Schweizer – 5k / 10k

Keira D’Amato – Marathon

Khallifah Rosser – 400m Hurdles

Lynna Irby-Jackson – 400m

Natosha Rogers – 5k/10k

Paul Chelimo – 5k

Raevyn Rogers – 800m

Ryan Willie – 400m

Sage Hurta-Klecker – 800m

Sam Kendricks – Pole Vault

Sean McGorty – 5k / 10k

Shelby McEwen – High Jump

Sinclaire Johnson – 1500m

Tamara Clark – 100m/200m

Trey Cunningham – 110m Hurdles

Twanisha (TeeTee) Terry – 100m / 200m

Vernon Turner – High Jump

Will Claye – Triple Jump

Will Sumner – 800m

Zach Bradford – Pole Vault

PLEASE NOTE: 50 Additional USATF Foundation Elite Athlete Grants will be announced tomorrow.

The USATF Foundation provides a means to attract and guide funds to new and innovative track and field programs with an emphasis on providing opportunities for youth athletes, emerging and experienced elite athletes, along with guidance on future career paths. The Foundation depends upon donations from its Board of Directors, major gifts, and from generous fans of track & field.

Elite athletes are supported by the Foundation via monetary grants, career counseling (mentoring and jobs) and participation in Run With US!. Youth athletes are supported via monetary grants to youth clubs.

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