First Two Recipients of the Dr. Donald Burgess Scholarship Announced

First Two Recipients of the Dr. Donald Burgess Scholarship Announced



The Emerging Elites club is proud to announce the first two recipients of the Dr. Donald Burgess Scholarship for Boston Public School students to train with the Emerging Elites club. Named after the legendary BPS educator / administrator, track and football coach, this scholarship provides the student athletes from the Boston Public School system with funding to attend the training programs of the Emerging Elites club. The USATF Foundation and the John Burgess Family Foundation are underwriting the scholarships.

Adam Kramer of Brighton and Bradon Spiess of West Roxbury are the first recipients of the Burgess scholarship and will train with the Emerging Elites Spring Program. Both freshmen at the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, Adam and Bradon are eager to continue their athletic development. Adam and Bradon joined the Emerging Elites club for the Winter Program and trained indoors twice per week from December to March at BU and MIT. Head Coach Fred Treseler shared, “Having regular access to indoor tracks for training is essential if you want to perform at a high level during the indoor season. Adam and Bradon were consistent in their approach to training this winter and it’s encouraging to see their development. Their commitment is commendable, and they have demonstrated that they have the capacity to make big improvements on the track as they grow and mature.”

“I really like having a training group that’s focused on getting faster while looking at my long-term development,” remarked Adam. “Having older and faster training partners on a consistent basis allows me to have better competitive workouts.” Adam’s introduction to running was through Boston Police’s Road to the Right Track, a local youth running program that encourages a lifetime of exploration through fitness. “I have really loved running from a young age and my confidence as an athlete comes from training and racing.”

For Adam and Bradon, the transition into the Emerging Elites training program was a big jump to take. Bradon, who trained in the Emerging Elites Winter Program and qualified for the NBNI Freshman Mile at Reggie Lewis, shared, “I didn’t realize how important cross training is and how it could make me stronger and faster as a runner. Emerging Elites gave me the opportunity and guidance to cross train which made me faster. I’ll never forget my first practice and I thought the warm-up was the whole workout. It took almost 40 minutes to finish the warm-up, including drills and ladders, and then we did the workout. Emerging Elites expanded my view on running to show that it isn’t just about running fast, but rather being a healthy and strong person. I appreciate how Emerging Elites has the resources to help with the mini-aspects required to become a strong runner, such as nutrition guidance from the dietitian, and good tips from the coaches and PT to avoid injury and improve strength.” Coach Fred added, “Bradon’s volume has not shifted dramatically, but his quality of training and willingness to embrace cross training have both improved. We’re looking to make improvements through consistency.”

“For years, we’ve known that motivated Boston Public School athletes have experienced barriers to access the coaching and guidance to develop and grow within the sport. On the other hand, we’ve seen the Emerging Elites club thrive in athlete development and create long-term pathways for athletes in the sport, not just in high school or college, but beyond into their adult lives. My father was a big believer in creating opportunities for BPS student athletes to grow and develop outside the classroom and I’m excited to honor his legacy by empowering the next generation of BPS runners. Running can open a lot of opportunities for BPS athletes like Adam and Bradon. I’m excited to see their growth in the sport,” added Burgess.

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