Youth Club Grant Application

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USA Track & Field Foundation Youth Club Grant Application

Applications for a Youth Club Grant will be accepted throughout the year. Grantees will be contacted directly if they should be selected.  Each individual organization is eligible for one grant per calendar year.  The maximum grant amount is $2000 - average grants range from $500 - $1500.  No more than 10% of Foundation grant resources will be allocated to school districts, these grants are meant for Youth track & field and running clubs. 

Applications with requests for funding for coaching and/or administrative salaries will not be accepted.  Examples of allowable expenses are as follows: equipment, uniforms, meet fees, travel, facility rental, staff and volunteer training, and outreach.

Tell Us About Your Participants 

Tell Us About Your Program

Please Describe the Project You are Asking USATF Foundation to Financially Support

You are encouraged to describe your target base through such characteristics as gender, age and socio-economic level.


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Youth Club Grant Agreement

Thank you for applying to receive a USA Track & Field Foundation Youth Club Grant.  Please review the Agreement below and verify your understanding and commitment to the requirements of the Agreement by acknowledging below. By signing this form, and receiving the USA Track & Field Foundation Youth Club Grant funds (the “Grant Funds”), this Agreement is a contract between you and the USA Track & Field Foundation (the “Foundation”).

1. COMMITMENT TO YOUTH DEVELOPMENT. Club will actively promote and role model good sportsmanship, the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and strong school performance, and the avoidance of substance abuse.
2.1 Allowable Expenses. Club shall use Grant Funds only for the following expenses: 
(a) equipment, (b) uniforms, (c) meet fees, (d) travel, (e) facility rental, (f) staff and volunteer training and (g) outreach.
2.2 Accounting. Club shall cooperate with any requests by the Foundation to verify that Club has used the Grant Funds in accordance with this Agreement. Such requests may include, but are not limited to receipts, invoices, evidence of payment, and such other documentation sufficient to confirm that Grant Funds have been used for Allowable Expenses.
3. TAX REPORTING RESPONSIBILITY. Upon receipt of the Grant Funds, Club assumes “paymaster” responsibility for such funds, including responsibility for tax reporting and related obligations imposed by law upon a recipient of such funds.
4.1 Misuse of Grant Funds. The Foundation may terminate this Agreement immediately upon a determination, in its sole discretion, that Club has violated Sections 2.1 or 2.2. Upon such termination, Club shall be required, and hereby agrees, to return and fully refund the Grant Funds to the Foundation.

The USATF Foundation provides a means to attract and guide funds to new and innovative track and field programs with an emphasis on providing opportunities for youth athletes, emerging and experienced elite athletes, along with guidance on future career paths. The Foundation depends upon donations from its Board of Directors, major gifts, and from generous fans of track & field.

Elite athletes are supported by the Foundation via monetary grants, career counseling (mentoring and jobs) and participation in Run With US!. Youth athletes are supported via monetary grants to youth clubs.

For more information, or to contribute to the USA Track & Field Foundation, Click Here or contact Tom Jackovic at (412) 398-2484 or